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This post was originally posted as a blog post on Saturday 5th October 2013, but as it is something that i would like to reference again in the near future i have added it here as a page so it’s easier to locate.

Time to Plan-ner

Around now i always start thinking about buying a new planner, over the years i have tried so many of them and i have my favourites, but most of the planners change over time, so time to investigate a new one and to share with you some of the ones that i am currently using.

Kikki K Family Diary

This year i have been using the Kikki K family Diary. I prefer this style over any other to keep a track of what Jack and Angel are doing. The only negative i have found with this years one is both the Front and Back cover have fallen off.

So looking for something a little more durable for next year

2014 Planners

Kikki K

Kikki K is always my go to place for any sort of stationary. Sadly there isn’t one in Tasmania. But i am going to the mainland soon so i might just have to pick one up as well as some other little goodies from there. I could happily stay there all day. Do you recall last week when i said i love the pastels and dreamy colours of books, well Kikki K is like fairy land for me.

Love the idea of a leather binder, and in the past i have had similar ones. Of course finding the perfect handbag to go with it :), plus i am a sucker for tabs in books.

The Family Diary
For the past few years this has gotten me through the days when i need to write everything down. It contains my life..

Other options are

The Master Plan
I used this for a couple of years, and found them to be fantastic. Lots of great ideas in it.


Another Diary that i have had in the past, was quite handy and i loved the ideas in it for all of the assorted ways of planning, but for me it didn’t work for a family.

I had one of these as well. Fantastic Diary, really helpful and loved the binder. Can’t remember why I stopped using it. The 2014 one isn’t out yet, but after a quick read on the Facebook page it will be soon.

Personal Planner

Personal Planner

I brought this one last year and was so excited that i could design my own, but for me it didn’t meet my expectations, i ended up giving it to Angel and she has been using it this year, and loves it. With her going into high school next year it maybe a good idea to get her a new one with all of the school timetables in it.


For years i have wanted one of these, but when i originally enquired about the postage on it, it was as much as the diary, and i just couldn’t justify spending that much, i was so excited when i found that it was also an app on the iPad and downloaded it, but i never use it.

2014 diary

Jack brought this for me a few weeks ago from the post office. It’s a simple Day to a page diary. Not sure if i will use it for Project life, Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-day, Scrapbooking yet, or for the Michelle Bridge’s 12 Week Body Transformation if i decide to do it again. It will be a companion to what ever family one i decide to get.

There are a couple more that i have brought years back

Busy Mom’s Style planners

And The Lang-Perfect-Timing-Engagement Diary

Early on i started with this sort of Diary, they available here in Australia at most shopping centres near the end of the year at the Calendar Club stands.

Mom’s Ultimate Family Organizer: A One-Stop Planner for Busy Moms

This is a huge binder type diary. i got it last year after i won an Amazon Voucher, but have rarely used it. So it just sits in the bookshelf.

Planner pads

The pink one i brought from a cheap shop can’t even recall where, but have had it for a while, the other two are both from Kikki K.

Kikki K’s 365

This is the 2nd year i have used this, well brought it anyway, Kikki K decided that they where not going to do the journalling prompts this year, so i started using it for FMS but the photos tend to make it bulky. So haven’t written in it for a while.

Small diaries

The planner you use when you don’t use a planner. 🙂 i have several Kerri Smith books as well as this Diary, and they are a lot of fun, i do however find this diary to be very small.

I hadn’t found a diary to use at the start of this year, and the one i had ordered had yet to arrive, so i brought this small one from the post office, and added Some of the spare Kikki k tabs i had. Hand for taking and using for little notes.

The more than one year Diary

The following books are the ones that you keep close by and add the little moments of life too. The antidotes of more than a year in a life.

My Life Story

I have one of these for me, and brought one last year with the same Amazon voucher for Angel for her 10th Birthday. They are expensive, but when you factor in that you can fit a whole life of memories in it its worth it. Part diary, part scrapbook, part photo album.

Q&A a day 5 year Diary

2014 is year 4 for me with this Diary of questions that i just need to give a short answer too, it really needs an update i am a few months behind. But like that i can just pick it up and go back, and can see what i have written the year before.

The Happiness Project 5 year Diary

The same design as the Q&A diary but without the questions, again just a short what you did that day sentence.

Project Life

Whilst not a diary as such it is a yearly life journal; That i add to either once or more times a week. It so far contains photos and journalling of where we have been this year, and the everyday moments in our life.

Smash & La-di-dah Books

I have three smash books and three La-di-da books that i will continue to use throughout the rest of 2013 and into 2014. Still lots more to be added.

Work out diaries.

I brought this one from the local post office, and it was fantastic when i started Doing MB12. Now if only Michelle Bridge’s could make her own diary, i would buy that..

Travel Journal

Jack and Angel brought this for me last christmas, and i need to sit down and add out last two cruise, with our upcoming trip i want to add things from it to this journal.

Jar or Memories.

At the start of the year we started a memory jar, and it has morphed over that time into this Jar that i found at Freedom Furniture in Hobart . The items held within will eventually be added to my Project life pages.

Technology speaking

Ipad v’s Galaxy Note 8 | Google Calender

Another way for me to diarise is with a tablet. I have an iPad2 and a Galaxy Note 8 (Reminder to self charge it up). I have in the past few months been using iCal on my Macbook more and more, and love that it syncs to my other devices, (iPhone, S3), So handy for when i am not at hime and don’t have any other calendar or Diary with me.

*I have at some point in the past ten years brought the above diaries, and will at some point in the next few months buy one or more of them. This post could have also been titled Nicole’s planner graveyard.

Nicole Beltane
W: Familyphotosfoodcraft.com
E: nicole

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