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A penny for your thoughts…

A similar question to the Coffee & Chat Tuesday post. Today, leave a comment in which you ask the blogger a relevant question or two.

Back to Dr’s again

Back to the Doctors again this morning, this time for the test results. Cholesterol, Diabetes, etc. all fine, Turns out though that i am allergic to Grass Mix (Various types), […]

Thursday Thoughts Sept 17th

I find it incredibly sad that the words of a complete stranger could bring you (Me) down so much. I am feeling very fragile this morning after last nights accusations. […]


Over the course of ten years blogging, i have blogged the same topics over the course of time a number of times, and yes, even i have noticed how alike […]

ravings & ramblings

Thanks for taking the time to check out my ravings & ramblings. Grab a comfy chair & hot coffee & spend a little time wandering around my little world. I […]

Tuesday Thoughts,

I was actually in the middle of writing this to put onto Jack’s wall in response to something that was said, But the person in question as since deleted and […]