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Tag: Project Life 2014

Project Life,

It has taken me months to get it updated, but i think i am there… F I N A L L Y I H A V E U P D […]

Project Life, Week 41

The Thermomix arrived, A Bruce’s visit The town was in full bloom with the Bloomin Tulips Festival. We lost Henry, he was hit by a car.

Project Life, Week 40

I was in Major Kitchen clean up mode in preparation to get the Thermomix, so there is some kitchen pics, braces, family time at the Burnie Show, A market day […]

On the Agenda // September 2014

Seriously September…. No way!!! how did that happen. It looks like a really Busy month. One Little Word, 30 Days of Me Challenge, MB12WBT, Anniversary: 2 years in Tasmania, Anniversary: Jack and i […]

FMS August 2014

What an amazing month of Memories, from the Snow & cold winter nights without power, To the Beach & the Sunny Days, Eating well, Getting Fit and Meditating. Market Days, […]