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50 Questions you should ask and answer

50 Questions you should ask and answer Last year i filled this questionnaire in. Rosy Cheeks & Muddy Feet shared this great list from The Samantha Show about the 50 Questions you […]

Little Letters

Dear Jack,  Thank you for everything that you do, Thank you for cleaning the old place, moving everything over to the new one and starting to get things organised, for […]

Life is full of adventures

Dear Jack, Life is full of adventures, And I have been lucky enough to have mine with you. 18 years ago you sent a message to a Yahoo Group, And I responded. […]

Little Letters

I can’t even recall when I last wrote one of these, it’s been a while. Dear Readers, Sorry about the influx of posts. Once I decided to do the 100 […]

I posted the above photo as my Cover Photo on Facebook tonight. First one is the very first photo of Jack and I, We came across it when we were […]

Stepping Up

Photo Jack Beltane.. After reading the post about The Girl Who Fat Shamed me late last night, (and yes it still hurts) and having very little sleep (it’s been like […]

Coffee & Chat Tuesday

If we were having a coffee together last week I would tell you that we have been sorting the house out again, moving the lounge area back to where we had […]

Dear Mum

Another year and another anniversary since you passed away. It doesn’t get any easier, I still wake up everyday and miss you as much as I did yesterday. My heart […]

Little Letters

It’s been a few months since I wrote a little letter. Dear Asher, Welcome to the family. It’s been two weeks today since you joined us (wow that’s gone fast), and […]

My 26 day’s of Christmas

I didn’t buy December daily this year and as far as blogging and photos they have been pretty dismal of late but I still want to mark the season with […]

Write a letter to teenage you.

Write a letter to teenage you. Dear Nicole (this is what you are known as), If I could write a letter to myself at 17, I would tell you to […]

Little Letters

Dear Self,  Stop it!, stop being so damned hard on yourself. Yes you have a lot going on, and you started the week off badly but you don’t have to end […]

Dear Spammers

Thank you all so much for the interest that you have taken on my blog.  I am not seeking anyone to help me monetize this blog. I am not looking […]

Little Letters

Hey all,  How did we end up almost a week after my last post… That rolled around quick.  Dear Saturday, Well what can I say but you sucked.. My reasons are […]

#Little Letters

Dear Life Stop throwing these curve balls at me.. Each new thing is something that I need to deal with, having all of these things come up at one time […]

A letter to me

Day 8, Write a letter to yourself 20 years from now. Dear Nic, You are now the grand old age of 64, who would have thought it.  You are rocking […]