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Tag: Capture 30

Capture 30 2016 Day 1

Worked on Capture 30 over the past couple of days, will add some of what i have done here to refer back to at a latter stage (i DID take […]

Hello March

I spent much of January working on Capture 30. I spent much of February wondering what to do next. Not being able to find anything to work on. Hello March […]

Ready Set Go | Planner Love

January 24 | Ready, set, go | Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish. Planner […]

Planner Storage

Whilst doing a quick grocery shop at the end of last week, i spotted this Michelle Bridges Lunch Bag for $18.00. It is Insulated and has a drink bottle mesh […]

Capture 30 Update

It’s been some weeks since i did anything Capture 30 related here, so a quick update. I finally removed the plastic cover, yes i am worried about it getting dirty […]

OMG i uncoiled my EC

Whilst watching OrganisedJen’s latest youtube this morning about her two planners i was sitting looking at my EC (Erin Condren), and it hit me that i should uncoil it and […]

Capture 30 – Day 4

This has been quite a challenging post / page to write. It’s mostly just a list of feelings that i will add into the planner when it gets here. Something […]

Capture 30 Day 3

This worked out well as today’s FMS Photo-A-Day is Me Today! I was working on this over-night and after a rough draft i really like how this turned out. It’s […]