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Blog Everyday in May Day 28

Day 28 Family. What do you love? Best traits? What crazy genetics do you have in common? Fave photo? I just adore my little family. We have so much fun, […]

Blog Everyday in May Day 27

Day 27 Share a project you’ve been working on This is the result of me tipping out around 15 boxes / baskets / containers from our living / studio area […]

Blog Everyday in May Day 21

Day 21 What’s on your plate? Since starting the KonMari Method, it seems to be all i can think about. I just want to get the house sorted out and […]

Blog Everyday in May Day 19

Day 19 What is your Dream job? I mentioned this a few days ago to Jack and Angel when we where sitting in the car, The where both talking about […]

Blog EveryDay in May Day 18

^A Rhonna Farrah Background Day 18 10 things that make you happy Jack: He is my rock, my best friend and the one person that really gets me. I love […]

Let It Go!

For Years now i have been trying to re-capture the past, living in it, revealing in it, Creating memory keeping items dedicated to those no longer with us. After reading […]