Every Year i have been doing assorted photo challenges and crafts that keep me busy year round, and make not only a huge mess in the craft area but also fill up a lot of albums with memories.

e”homepage”>Sony HD AVCHD EXMOR R 16.2 Megga Pixels DSC_HX95 Point and Shoot Camera |  Canon A2200 Point & Shoot Camera | Samsung PL101 Point & Shoot Camera

The main things that i take photos of are

My FamilyFamily Gatherings | Our Pets | Sunrises | Sunsets | Clouds | Sky | Moon | Stuff around the house

A year of us

A year of Beltane’s

On the last day of each month we have been taking a family photo. Sometimes serious, most often comical. I have mostly been keeping it on my laptop and Facebook, but finally found the photos that i printed last year, and put them into this La-Di-Da album that i brought ages ago.

There have been other photos taken as a family before i started this, and i really should add them all into the one spot when i can find them all.


The cover, pretty plain, not sure what i will add to this year…


Fast Forward ½ an hour and this happened.


at this stage the years are just divided with a simple TAB..



January 2013 – Taken at home. February 2013 – Taken at home


March 2013 – Taken at Fernglade Reserve. April 2013 – Taken at home. May 2013 – Taken at home. June 2013 – Taken at Cradle Mountain


July 2013 – Taken at home. August 2013 – Taken at home. September 2013 – Taken at home. October 2013 – Taken by the Wynyard Camera Club at the Blooming Tulips Festival.


November 2013 – Taken at home. December 2013 – Taken at home. There is also a new years eve photo but i haven’t printed it out yet.

2014 Tab.


January 2014 – Taken at home. February 2014 – Taken at home


March 2014 – Taken at home. April 2014 – Taken at home. May 2014 – Taken at home – Kayla moved in with us. June 2014 – Taken at Sisters Beach.


July 2014 – Taken at home, night of Angel’s Production. August 2014 – Taken at Tea Tree Point // Three Sisters // Penguin // Ulverston. September 2014 – Taken at the Blooming Tulips Festival. October 2014 – Taken at home

November 2014 –  to be added. December 2014 – to be added



January 2015


I have decided to do a month of selfies {#mos} but with a little twist. Just little snapshots of my life in a snap… 


Sitting in the car after being at the snow and snapped this of Jack & I… Just a little moment in time…

IMG_3791 Back in the car… This time on the way to the shops/fishing (drinking a hot chocolate)… and who’s that i spy out of the corner of my eye… but a photo bomber!!!

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