I have over the years tried various crafts, none of which i have stuck with for very long.  I have scrapbooked for a number of years, but have since given it up. I do love to paint furniture, or should i say i love painted furniture, and getting Jack or Angel to paint it :). I haven’t tried knitting or crocheting because to be honest with you i don’t know how too, i don’t have the gene or the patience. i envy the fact that my mum and grandma’s could do both. I can sort of sew not very good mind you LOL, i am a very good collector of sewing machines, i have 7 of them :). Collecting craft stuff is another thing i am good at. My passion is photos and collating them into something, giving them a voice and finding the story. 

This year i am playing here…. FMS Photo a Day, Capture your 365, 52 weeks of memories I am working on Capture 30 via Big Picture Classes, Continuing with this Becky Higgins Project Life, Spending a lot of time hanging out at Studio Calico

Now if you have been hanging out here for any length of time you will have noticed that i am kind of obsessed with Becky Higgins and Heidi Swapp.. Oh boy was i happy this morning when i awoke to the news that they are collaborating and creating a Heidi Swapp Project Life Kit. It looks incredible. I so can’t wait until it hits our stores. Hopefully our local Spotlight get some in, as i am still disappointed about the lack of range they got in for the Heidi Stuff.

December Daily by Ali Edwards

So i have been debating in my head for a number of weeks about doing a December Daily, and figure that 2nd December isn’t to late to start. I do however need a book to put it in so until i can come across something i will journal here.


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Opening Pages

SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCI have kept this page open for any printable’s / recipes that i want to use between now and december 25.

December Daily Day 1



We got started on tree prep quite late today. I had already sorted out the heart tree.  Jack had to go to bed as he is on nights, and angel has school tomorrow, (We did however manage to snap this photo out the back for our November monthly photo) so it was left to me to sort all of the decorations out that hadn’t been sorted at the end of last year.

December Daily Day 2



I made this little Santa’s List on Saturday morning. I saw it HERE

Today is all about decorating and organising the house for all of the Tree’s. There is never just one tree here. Although i had planned on just the Heart Tree and nothing else, Jack and Angel said that it was too small.

December Daily Day 3




Found a new christmas tree today, the other trees are still not decorated, i don’t recall any year that i have felt less inclined to celebrate christmas. For those who know me i can hear the gasps, it hasn’t stopped me from adding items to the collection though. Like this adorable little guy…

December Daily Day 4


December Daily Day 5


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I  Spent the day creating and working on my December Daily Album, 

December Daily Day 6



Today i spent cleaning and adding more decorating around the house, moving tree’s from the front window to the dining / void rooms. We also went into Burnie to look at christmas lights. 

December Daily Day 7




Today was a busy one, with a trip to the shop to see a couple of customers, a quick bit of shopping for some new shoes for “Mum”, then off to Burnie High School for Angel to sing in the Choir at the Fairy Godmothers Markets.


After this a trip into Devonport to visit Santa’s workshop where a great deal of goodies where brought, then off to Latrobe to one of our favourite places to visit Reliquaire.  Then a late lunch at The Cherry Shed, Then back to Burnie and into Target for the hooks that i couldn’t find earlier in the day. Finally after all of that home, and more tree decorating (we are day 7 and the tree’s are still not completed)…

December Daily Day 8



We picked up a little lady Elf yesterday at Santa’s workshop in Devonport, she is going to become a big part of the family in the coming weeks, getting up to all sorts of stuff.

December Daily Day 9



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