Family Cookbook


After doing the 52 Ancestors a few weeks ago, on who would you invite to a dinner party I started working on my Family Cookbook again.

  • (Cookbook by SuckUK). Purchased on ebay.


I added a couple of dedications


and a Thank you

I love how it has a Guardian of the book page, so sweet. / Just some of the recipes that I have added to it.


most of these are mums but in the corner is who the recipe was from. I printed these out as photos and stuck them in the book, I will add notes or take photos when I make the recipe.


I put it on Facebook and my cousin Candy was kind enough to post through several recipes that my mum had written out into a book for each of us. (Can you tell where I got my scrapbooking / memory keeping addiction from LOL).

My book disappeared many many years ago now, so it was a true gift that my cousin sent these photos through.


These below I found on my computer and also they came up in the past few days on my on this day on Facebook. The puddings and reindeers are mine but mum wrote them out for herself.

bananasaladlittlepuddings (2)


Now this one below isn’t a recipe, it’s a joke but I had to keep it in there as it always makes me laugh.


“February 4th 2018 // Angel was looking for something in the garage yesterday and came across a bag of bits and pieces. These recipes where in the bag. In my Nan’s handwriting. Can’t quite work out what they are but going to try them one day”

How amazing is this find. Some how the universe is working with me and gifting me the most amazing things. To have all of these in the one spot is such a treasure.

After much chatter in Facebook we worked out that these unknown recipes could be the ones below them which I found in her copy of the CWA cookbook, they could also be anything… If these recipes look familiar to you let me know, as I would love to hear of other variations

“Minto” Custard Creams

minto custard creams

custard creams

Fruit Cake

fruitcakepumpkin fruit cake

Sunbeams / Vanity Biscuits


This is one of mine that I put on here a few years ago.


And a couple I have put into the book


Thank goodness for my blog, because it has been invaluable in finding some of these little gems.