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Category: Time To Planner


TIME TO PLANNER The May Edition How did we end up in May so quickly, wasn’t it just my birthday in March. How did it end up as Friday.. Wasn’t […]

Kikki K Wellness Planner

Time to Plan-er The 550Th Edition… Ok kidding there could have been more. The Kikki K Wellness planner just arrived and oh my wow its beautiful. There are so many […]

Loving Right Now

Planners // A new year means new planners which i have posted a couple of times (ok yes about ten times :)) now. I am waiting on the Hello Forever Planner […]

Time to Plan-er 2015 Update

I have done a number of this Time to Plan-er Series in the past couple of years and i have finally decided on this years selection. Below is what i […]

Planning for the Future

It’s around September and October that i start thinking about new Diaries for the coming year. A couple of years ago i wrote this post (HERE), Outlining my favourite planners […]