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Category: Set me up sunday

Changes, Updates and To-Do’s (Part 2)

To Do List Update on the to do list below Blog Maintenance – Work on Sidebars, Fix Widgets,  Fix Categories and Tags on over 7000 Posts, Update Featured photos Posts I’m working on  […]

Set me up Sunday

With us preparing to move i am going to have to get back into an organised routine. Yesterday we had some issues with Angel, So i set her up her […]

Changes, Updates and To-Do’s

Changes You will have noticed already a few changes happening with the blog, with the number one being a Domain name change from thebeltanedaily / to . My blog payment […]

Set Me up Sunday

Menu Plan No menu plan, its one of those just take it out of the freezer weeks. Agenda Jack Graduates this week He also starts back at Uni. Angel may […]

Set me up sunday

Hmmm I somehow missed last weeks SMUS… I recall taking a photo of it but I think that’s as far as I got. I have neglected to use my planner […]

Set me up Sunday

Menu Plan Monday Beef & Sesame Teriyaki Tuesday – Chicken Rice Bowl Wednesday – Salmon Stirfry (Replacing with chicken) Thursday – Veal Schnitzel (Replacing with chicken) Friday – Penang Chicken Saturday […]

Set me up Sunday

Another week has flown by, at this rate we will be at Christmas again in no time. Zone Cleaning / Menu Plan  I brought this Big Happy Planner on special […]

Set me up Sunday

First Sunday of the year. Meal plan We have ordered a few new kitchen products in the Boxing Day sales – KitchenAid slow cooker, multi cooker, and some new Attachments […]

Set Me up Sunday

What’s the plan:  Angel finally goes back to school this week, after being off school for over 6 weeks I am beyond thrilled that she is finally going back. Jack has […]

Set me up Sunday​

Not having internet access i have really missed doing my Sunday Night Plans up. I have basically been winging it the past few weeks in my planners. Some of the […]