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Category: Dear.

Stories of Me

Write an “About Me” about yourself. Over my blogging years I have written many an “about me”, in a way most of this blog is “stories of me” I wrote […]

Life Goals

5 big goals you have for your life. To build our own house again If you are friends with me on Pinterest you will no doubt know I have an obsession […]

#52 Stories

Who was your first best friend? Are you still in contact with each other? Yes I have 3 very dear friends from high school, 20’s. In fact I am still […]

Little Letters

Dear Easter Bunny, See you in the morning. Most things are prepared for your arrival. Still a couple of little things to make, oh and by the way our cat […]

Little Letters

The Social Edition Dear Facebook, If I wanted drama I would have become an actress. You are just behaving like a 4 year old who has just wandered into her […]

Little Letters

Dear Self, Stop being so damned hard on yourself, stop beating yourself up about something that you can’t control. Dear Weather, Play nice.. So hot one day that i can’t […]

A Letter to me,

Dear Me,           Over the last 25+ years you would have often received letters to yourself. Advice from when you where younger or letters that you find […]

Things we love

To start, describe yourself in 5 words…  + Stubborn + Planner + Creative + Bossy + Crafty What’s your favorite mantra or motto to live by?   + To be or not to be that […]

Little Letters

Monday, 13 February 2017 I have only just discovered this, i did a similar thing a while back Little Letters, Dear Dinnertime, Why do you have to come around so […]

Travel Plans

If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why?  I have several places on my bucket-list. I have written many times on here that i […]

Dear Nan,

I have posted this in years past. 11 years ago today our beloved grandmother passed away. These random thoughts over the years have fallen on to the page. it may […]

Saturday Stuff

A bit of a family update / catch up. Angel is away this weekend in Hobart, She has a Gymnastics Competition. She told me the this is her don’t forget […]

Listen to the music.

Gahhhh when you know a post like this is coming up and you have nothing.. Compile a playlist of 10 tracks that represent you. It has been sometime since i […]

Dear Self,

  Dear Self, Well your 28 days are nearly up, you still have some ways to go in terms of food & workouts. Though i must say that you have done […]

Thank you,

In the mail a document arrives, with excitement i open it to find your certificate of death. Such a bittersweet moment.  My thoughts drift to memories that have started to […]

Dear Dad,

Dad, there was only one you. The twinkling eyes, the cheeky grin. Always the same photograph I come across Of you acting the clown. Sticking your finger up telling me to […]

Dear Angel

  Dear Angel, I was stuck for a topic for my blog post and opened my phone to find that you had taken yet another selfie with it, It always […]

Dear Telstra Customers,

Dear Telstra Customers, You are without mobile / internet for one night and you are outraged. Yes I do understand that it has happened a couple of times in the […]

Dear F…

Dear Friday, Well here you are again. thought i would do a one off post for today… You know strike while the inspiration is there. Dear Final, Sorry but Today […]