Random Questions

  1. Coffee or tea? I am a coffee addict. At least 3 a day, sometimes with double shots. Although i do have a great range of herbal teas and tea bags if i am feeling like something different.

  2. Black and white or colour? Clothing mostly black, though some grey is slipping in there lately. Furniture i love all white. Crisp and fresh. Colour is mostly in decor items, and then a majority of that is Turquoise or Aqua.
  3. Drawings or paintings? Paintings, though i do love both. Most of what is on our walls are quotes and typography.
  4. Dresses or skirts? Most of the time i wear long pants, but also love long hippy skirts. Recently i did buy a couple of dresses.
  5. Books or movies? I used to be an avid reader, i couldn’t get enough of books, I was the same with movies, and i would go and see several a week, then i got married and had Angel, and we moved to far from a cinema, So now its just catching up on Netflix when i am not watching Tv Series.
  6. Pepsi or Coke? Neither, both too much sugar for me. I drink water, or freshly squeezed orange juice.
  7. Chinese or Italian? Both. Thou some of the chinese food these days is just terrible.
  8. Early bird or night owl? Night Owl. though i do wake up between 6 & 7am even after going to bed between 11 & 12pm.
  9. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate. although i don’t eat a lot of it. except for vanilla ice-cream sandwiches.
  10. Introvert or extrovert? Introvert. i am a really shy person and tend to keep to myself.
  11. Hugs or kisses? Hugs & Kisses, especially from Jack.
  12. Hunting or fishing? Neither. Even though Jack owns 3 boats. I never go out with him.
  13. Winter or summer? Winter because i can crawl under a blanket, have a hot water bottle, the fireplace on. Summer because of Day Light Savings and the extra hours in the day.
  14. Spring or fall? Spring. Which is what we are in now here in Australia, All of the flowers are coming out, and its just so pretty.
  15. Rural or urban? I have lived both, and by far i am happier living by the beach, I love having the shops and cafes around me, but don’t like the crowds of people.
  16. PC or Mac? Mac all the way. In the time i have had my Desktop (2010) Macbook Pro (2012/2015) Macbook Air (2015), Jack has had so many windows machines.
  17. Tan or pale? Pale. I burn to a crisp if i spend too much time in the sun.
  18. Cake or pie? As much as i love both, I don’t eat a lot of sweet foods these days. I do like savoury pies.
  19. Ice cream or yogurt? Ice-cream sandwiches. Not a fan of sweet Yogurt’s, but i will have greek Yogurt in meals.
  20. Ketchup or mustard? A small amount of both. Though i generally only use mustard in cooking.
  21. Sweet pickles or dill pickles? I hate pickles. Like really hate them.
  22. Comedy or mystery? Mystery (or mostly crime investigation). Think Bones, Castle, Law & Order.
  23. Boots or sandals? Boots, i have been looking for so long for a really nice pair of tall boots, but i have really fat calves and none ever fit, doesn’t help that i am short either.
  24. Silver or gold? I wear mostly silver, though i do mix and match a few gold and rose gold pieces as well.
  25. Jazz or classical? I like Jazz. One of the most memorable nights Jack and I have had was in Melbourne in 2000/1 when we went to a Jazz night at The Art Centre and then seen the same band a few nights later at the Melbourne Zoo.
  26. Dancing or singing? Dancing, i am a terrible singer. Actually i am a terrible dancer too hahaha…
  27. Checkers or chess? Neither. not a fan of games like this. too complicated for my brain..
  28. Board games or video games? Both are fun. Mostly use the Wii for WiiFitU
  29. Wine or beer? Wine, something sweet and fruity, mostly lindermans brand.
  30. Freckles or dimples? Freckles. i am covered in them.
  31. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce? Honey Mustard. I can’t stand BBQ Sauce..
  32. Body weight exercises or lifting weights? Since being on the 29 Program, i have a new found love of resistance training, and quite enjoy using the weights.
  33. Baseball or basketball? Basketball. Since probably 1990 i have been a Perth Wildcats fan, member and supporter. I am very passionate. Whilst my whole family are AFL Football Crazy, i am the odd one out (though we have all gone to basketball games together).
  34. Crossword puzzles or sudoku? Crossword. not very good at it thou.
  35. Facial hair or clean shaven? Clean Shaven. but if you watch enough Australian TV these days most of the guys have the scruffy look.
  36. Crushed ice or cubed ice? Crushed. Our favourite thing these days is to make Sorbet with Crushed Ice and Frozen fruit in the Thermomix.
  37. Skiing or snowboarding? Neither. I am really uncoordinated.
  38. Smile or game face? Smile. Usually the first thing that i notice about a person, is their smile.
  39. Bracelet or necklace? Both. I wear a lot of jewellery these days. and have a few favourites that i always wear.
  40. Fruit or vegetables? Both. Being on the 28 Program, we are trying new dishes with lots of fresh produce all of the time.
  41. Sausage or bacon? Bacon, always bacon. covered and baked with maple syrup.
  42. Scrambled or fried? Scrambled. with Ciabatta bread, spinach & tomatoes. probably one of my favourite breakfast meals.
  43. Dark chocolate or white chocolate? Dark.. 70% Dark Chocolate
  44. Tattoos or piercings? As much as i would love a tattoo or three i have a very low pain threshold, and i am a sook. I have my ears pierced, have since i was between 13 and 20 odd. I got my nose done 19 years ago.
  45. Antique or brand new? A combination of both. I like a mix of shabby chic and brand new.
  46. Dress up or dress down? Most of the time i dress down. I prefer to feel comfortable. When dressing up, its mostly
  47. Cowboys or aliens? Cowboys… After years of watching the Country Music Chanel’s i have quite a liking for them now.
  48. Cats or dogs? Both. We have 1 dog and 2 cats.
  49. Pancakes or waffles? Both, I switch between the two. Both Sweet & Savoury.
  50. Bond or Bourne? Neither. give me a RomCom any-day.
  51. Sci-Fi or fantasy? Fantasy, mostly charmed…
  52. Numbers or letters? Letters. Our house is full of Typography.
  53. Star Wars or Star Trek?  Neither, and i am not a Dr Who fan either.
  54. Fair or theme park? Fair / Market. we love walking around the local markets here in Tasmania.
  55. Money or fame? Money.. Pity i am usually broke.
  56. Washing dishes or doing laundry? hahaha i hate cleaning.
  57. Snakes or sharks? Neither, not a fan of spiders either.
  58. Orange juice or apple juice?  orange, freshly squeezed.
  59. Sunrise or sunset? There is nothing as pretty as a Sunrise  / Sunset over the ocean, and i have had the pleasure of seeing both in so many beautiful places.
  60. Slacker or over-achiever? Oh how i would love to be an over-achiever, when really i am a total slacker.
  61. Pen or pencil? Pen and when i find one i really like, it’s like winning the lottery. Having a 14 year old daughter who is also a stationary addict means i have to protect them.
  62. Peanut butter or jelly? Peanut Butter, Jelly here in Australia is for Trifles.
  63. Grammys or Oscars? Love both. Actually will watch most awards shows.
  64. Detailed or abstract? Depends on what mood i am in an what the object is.
  65. Multiple choice questions or essay questions? Multiple Choice. Although i do have to point out that this one has taken me most of a day to do.
  66. Adventurous or cautious? Me and Adventure aint never going to happen, so i would have to say that i am overly cautious.
  67. Saver or spender? Spender, big time, especially if i am anywhere near kmart.
  68. Glasses or contacts? Glasses, although i wear neither.
  69. Laptop or desktop?  Laptop. I like the portability.
  70. Classic or modern? A mixture of the two.
  71. Personal chef or personal fitness trainer? Both please, and throw in a maid while you are at it, i need all of the help i can get.
  72. Internet or cell phone?  Both, i couldn’t live without my mobile, it has my whole life on it.
  73. Call or text? I worked in a mental health unit as a receptionist for a few years, and i can tell you i now can’t stand talking on or even answering the phone. Most of the time i Text Angel, and Message Jack on Facebook.
  74. Curly hair or straight hair? I have really straight hair. I would like a slight curl in it. Never want to do the whole perm thing again though.
  75. Shower in the morning or shower in the evening? Both. Though in the mornings i usually wait until Angel has gone to school.
  76. Spicy or mild? Mild, very mild, though i will on occasions have spicy.
  77. Marvel or DC? Neither.
  78. Paying a mortgage or paying rent? Having done both, i would say both have their good points and bad ones. Like no rent inspections being an owner. But then there is rates and all of the other incidentals that crop up that need doing, being a renter they are done for you.
  79. Sky dive or bungee jump? Me and heights, ain’t never going to happen.
  80. Oreos or Chips Ahoy?  Neither.
  81. Jello or pudding? Pudding..
  82. Truth or dare? Truth.
  83. Roller coaster or Ferris wheel? Again with the heights, not a fan..
  84. Leather or denim? Both. Though i don’t wear either.
  85. Stripes or solids? Solids. Mostly Black.. Though i do like chevron.
  86. Bagels or muffins? Muffins, mostly Savoury.
  87. Whole wheat or white?  White, all the way. 
  88. Beads or pearls? Beads, mostly turquoise.
  89. Hardwood or carpet? Hardwood. I hate carpet.
  90. Bright colours or neutral tones? I prefer a more Neutral tone / scandi look.
  91. Be older than you are or younger than you are? I am happy at the age i am
  92. Raisins or nuts? Nuts.
  93. Picnic or nice restaurant? Prefer cafe’s
  94. Black leather or brown leather? For about two years now i have been dreaming of owning a beautiful big brown leather couch.
  95. Long hair or short hair? Although short hair is practical, i really like it long, and have had long hair most of my adult life.
  96. “Ready, aim, fire” or “Ready, fire, aim”? Nether.
  97. Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction!  
  98. Smoking or non-smoking? No to smoking.
  99. Think before you talk or talk before you think? I usually talk before thing, bad habit that.
  100. Asking questions or answering questions? Around here i am usually the one asking them.

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