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House: Pantry Makeover

Last month we cleaned the pantry out and I realised a few things…

  1. It’s a great space. HUGE…. bigger than what we have ever had.
  2. The Kmart containers (same as the Tupperware ones), just where not working. The lids where not being put back on the right way so they couldn’t stack properly, and it really just always looked messy.. I also don’t think it helped that the containers are not clear and the lids black, so it made a small room look dark and cluttered.
  3. I have too many cookbooks, I paired them down to one shelf, but still I think that there is way too many, and that having them together doesn’t help.

So what to do?

  1. Trawl though Pinterest and Youtube and find inspiration of what I like.
  2. Find that I love the look of the OXO containers, Jars with Cork Lids, and Mason Jars.
  3. Go shopping – My go to is Kmart (of course). They have a similar set of containers to the OXO ones. Buy every single one on the shelf. Jars and a whole lot of other things to also makeover the fridge.
  4. Go home and start sorting out the food, this still took a few hours even though it was only decanting from one container to another but also removing or adding new labels.
  5. Realise I don’t have enough and will need to do an online order.
  6. Do that and realise I forgot things in the first order.
  7. So then do a second one. 
  8. Then WAIT…..
  9. Most of the containers that I ordered arrived yesterday. Still waiting on some of the orders. I am still waiting for some more, which I don’t actually think I will need, (looks like the order is coming in dribs and drabs)… 
  10. I ended up getting more Jars which seem to be working just as well. I do need more Jars for Teabags and Coffee, but other than that it’s almost done. I want to set a coffee station up. better than what’s currently in place.
  11. Now I just wait until I can finish it.

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