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Getting back on track

I started writing this a few days ago, that same morning I was typing this out I looked up at the battery indicator on the MacBook and it was losing it charge, the battery died, turns out the power adaptor was faulty. Jack took it back that day, was told one would be couriered out on Friday. Nothing arrived he ended up spending a couple of hours on the phone back and forth. By then it was already close to 5pm. They don’t courier on the weekend, so had to wait until today. this morning felt like an eternity.

Yesterday (Wednesday 6th Feb) Jack surprised me by getting me a new MacBook Air. I have been a Mac girl for about 10 years now, and I was devastated when my MacBook Pro got a crack in it, so he then got me a MacBook Air, Angel tipped water on it by accident and I had to use the Mac desktop again for a while, and then Jack got me a Hp when we moved to Melbourne, which is what I have been using.

This is absolutely stunning. It is Gold. It matches my phone and my watch. 🙂 and it is so damn pretty….

So now that fun part of setting up a new computer, putting things back on. (again, as I had started doing this a few days ago, and I only had about 6000 photos of 52000 to go and Jack told me he had to take it back).

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