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February Favourites

Aldi Stationary You know how when you go into Aldi and you are looking at the Special Buys and see all this cool stuff that you really probably don’t need (same happens in Kmart too)… Well all of the back to school stuff was out and i came across these clear stationary items – a set of two pairs of scissors, a stapler, hole punch and sticky tape dispenser. I think they where 7.99 each. (the tray they are on is from Kmart I got three of them for 5.00 each on clearance). Now those who know me know that I Detest Kmarts Vinyl contact on anything but school books, but I am seriously considering giving my desks a make over. I really want a nice white and Gold feel to the study. mind you I am thinking of moving the lounge in there. but then we will have a whole back of the house empty….

Kmart’s Timeless Furniture it really has changed the feel of the whole room.there are still pieces that I want to add, but I am loving how this feels and looks. I am thinking this is what really started my gold and white obsession.

MacBook Air. See previous post.

I am loving this so much. so smooth to use and not clunky like the HP.

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