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Dear Life – Chapter 1

January 2019

Dear Life,

Thanks for the memories January like

  • Lots of Bullet Journal Searching.
  • A lot of Marie Kondo and Kon Marie.
  • Sorting out the house one step at a time.
  • Jack hired a car for a few days didn’t go anywhere flash, just had some family time, including a yummy breakfast at the Pancake Parlour.
  • We celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary.
  • I got an Apple Watch.
  • Our Cat had her Birthday.
  • Angel got into TAFE & went to her Enrolment day.
  • We had a few hot days which involved lots of ice cream and air conditioning, it also poured with rain.
  • I re-joined TIFFXO.

Bright blessings



  • WATCHING: Sabrina The Teenage Witch. The Original one.. Almost finished season 7.
  • READING: Bullet Journal books on the kindle.
  • MAKING: Lots of lists for everything. With Jack and Angel both working and going to Uni / TAFE things are going to be very very busy around here.
  • FEELING: Good, I have had a facebook break this week, and it feels so good not to have all of that clutter in my head. No
  • PLANNING: How to organise our room, once the furniture from Kmart arrives that is.
  • LOVING: The new Kmart Catalogue

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