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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 5

Week 5: At the Library

Some ways you could interpret this theme include: an ancestor that you discovered while researching at the library; an ancestor who was a librarian or an author; an ancestor who had a large book collection; an ancestor who you picture being in a library; or maybe a relative who took you to the library.

My Grandfather’s Brother is an Author. He has written several books and also screenplays for Movies and TV here in Australia. We are lucky enough to own a few of his books.

My favourite however is Evergreen – The Story of a Family, about our Family Tree. My Mum owned a copy and when she passed away it was given to my Brother, so a couple of years ago I tracked one down on an online bookstore. I would love to know if someone in the Family has written one for my Mum’s Side.

I self-published my own book (only copy in existence LOL) – A Life Woven in Time. I really need to get around to re- writing it. It is a collection of questions I found online and wrote the answers down too for my daughter, and also letters and blog posts.

I would love to gather together the 52 stories and 52 Ancestors posts into a book with old photos that might be my next project.

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