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Lessons I have learnt in January

January has been incredible so far. I really don’t get those that say that it’s a Trial Month and that they need to restart from February, because man it’s been a hell of a ride so far.

I have learned

  1. That you need to cherish each day, and that we are so very lucky today that something worse didn’t happen. I woke up this morning to Jack beside me, he woke up to tell me that he almost got Mugged in the City in the early hours of this morning. A guy tried to rip his work backpack off his back, he didn’t get it and jack went on to catch his bus a few minutes later. He is ok and back at work tonight, but I do think it shook him a bit.
  2. That after 18 years Marriage I am still madly in love with this man.
  3. That even the most unexpected things can happen. Our 17yr old daughter got into TAFE and Jack’s going back to Uni. (both will also still be working)… Which gives me pause for thought that perhaps I need to do something with my life other than watch YouTube and Bold and the Beautiful and a whole heap of crap on Netflix…
  4. That I shouldn’t procrastinate too much… I re-joined TiffXO for a year (A bargain for $199 for 12 Months), and that same day found out about the new Chris Hemsworth Centr and now I have major FOMO… Tiff is a part of Centr, so hoping that some of that will spill over into XO. I also purchased Michelle Bridges Food for Life.. and cannot wait to cook a few of the recipes in there, they look so good.
  5. That even though I have planners galore I am still NOT satisfied with what I have and have been searching all things Bullet Journal for over two weeks now. I have ordered The Original Bullet Journal and the new Book, and hanging out to get it, so have been sketching ideas down in a Kikki K one I forgot I had (but is the wrong size for what I want to use it for). I guess there is no harm in pre-planning for when the original actually comes. I also finally got around to downloading the App, Don’t get me wrong I still love my LBD’s. and I have been using the Weekly one for home a lot (with all of Jack and Angel’s activities I am going to need it).
  6. That people pay way too much attention to what they “read” in a Meme on Facebook rather than read a book.. (Or they only watch the TV show and then only watch a few episodes)… (Insert meme on Tidying up with Marie Kondo)… LOL. And That I can KonMarie my clothes, but I still need something to wear… I really need to make a list in my Bullet Journal for what clothes I need…
  7. That I can survive 44 Degree heat and not die… and as a bonus I got to go out for breakfast with my sexy husband.
  8. That even on the darkest days a Sunset always brings a smile to my day. I took some sunset photos of Angel last week and they were so beautiful and then got some tonight (Australia Day).

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