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But… It brings me Joy!


I have read so many people making fun of the Kon-Mari system, throwing out treadmills, their kids, friends and even spouse because it doesn’t bring them joy, it’s totally missing the whole point of it.

I went into Kmart last week and many of the shelves are empty because of people buying up all of the containers and storage items, everyone has the let’s get organised bug. Jumping on the Marie Kondo Bandwagon again in light of her new show on Netflix – Tidying up with Marie Kondo.

I binged watched the lot of it at the start of the month and it was a great show. She is adorable…. But I think some of what she is trying to get across to an audience that is obsessed with stuff is being taken way out of context.

Like the only keep 30 Books or less meme going around, you would think that she said set fire to a library the way people are carrying on about it. She keeps less books because the Japanese Climate is different to that of America and other parts of the world. I totally get this in Tasmania we had a lot of Mould problems. And a lot of dusty / musty books could cause mould, dampness and allergy problems. But if books are your thing and they bring you a lot of joy keep them. There is no right or wrong. Its keeping what makes you happy and what enriches your life.

The same can be said for photos and family memory keeping. I have read stories of people throwing out a whole family history’s. Now for me I couldn’t do that, it brings me joy. I Found after going through the sentimental part of the Kon-Mari, that finding better ways to store my Family History bought even more joy to me. When I find a photo that I need to deal with I put it in an accordion file. I try and go through the files once a month and put them into a book or scrapbook album (I have now paired my smaller scrapbook albums down into larger ones that will allow me to use each album by family or category). Unfortunately these albums look like they have been discontinued so again I will need to find another type of album to finish them off)..

I don’t like paper clutter and we now get a lot of out bills via email which really helps keep the build-up of paper down.

I know for us we spend a lot of time searching for items, and quite frankly it’s exhausting. When we have less stuff that stuff will have a home and can be found straight way. We would also spend less time having to find a place to put things because we will have empty spaces where we don’t need to fill it. It’s not just about getting rid of everything that you own, it’s about creating more time to do things. More Family Time, more outings, creating spaces that you want to be in, that don’t feel like they are suffocating you.

Personally this week we are working on our room, taking out all of the bulky, mismatched furniture (relocating it to rooms where it makes more sense) and creating a space for Jack and I to relax in. Yes this will take time as a couple of storage Items I want from Kmart are not available but when I do get them it will make more sense in the room. I was hoping that Jack would be home tommorow to sort more of the room out but he is working. We have moved the bed and it’s amazing how much bigger it makes the room. Although the nook area is still a Pain to work out.. thinking of just putting a small desk in there, with a chair.

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