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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 3

Having the maiden name of “Johnson,” I’m thankful for family members with unusual names. Fortunately for me, my third-great-grandfather John Johnson (yes, really) chose unusual names for most of his sons: Eber, Enoch, Ezra, and Jeremiah. (There’s also John, Jr. because why not?! I’m glad I descend from Eber, which is so much easier to look for.) What unusual names do you have in your family tree?

I was wondering about this and then I started looking so thought I would do something different and do a list of sorts instead. I am sure this is many more than this. Some are just unusual spellings of a popular name.

The A-Z of Our Families Unusual Names

  • Aubrey, Angel (My Daughter),
  • Beata, Bazill.
  • Cathren, Charity,
  • Dulcie
  • Ellinor, Esaia (Asaya), Elspet. Elisth, Edeth,
  • Fallon, Frena
  • Grissel,
  • Hannibal, Hopton,
  • Isett,
  • Juda, Jone, Jas,
  • Keziah,
  • London,
  • Moyses, Marriot, Maddern, Matherine,
  • Naomy, Nimrod, Naurence
  • Osburn,
  • Patience, Pernyll,
  • Q,
  • Rabidge, Richardus,
  • Sybbell, Sibylla, Sibel, Sybill, Stephanus,
  • Tipton, Thirza
  • Urbane, Ureule, Ufn, Udalrich
  • Valentine,
  • Werne, Wybrand
  • Xavier,
  • Y,
  • Zeke

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