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Tidying up with Marie Kondo

I read the book in 2015 and whilst some or a lot of her methods are strange, it was for me the first time in years of decluttering that I actually was able to say I really don’t need this item or that.

I did the KonMari in 2015, we have also moved from Tasmania to Melb. In 2017 then a move in June last year, I still have way too much crap.

Whilst not KonMariing things this year I am trying to sort by type of item.


    Started working on my clothes on Monday and most are going (holes/ uncomfortable pieces etc.)


  • for the most part our paper is kept together but I need to go through it also need to invest in new files)


  • For me books are culled I do have a lot of empty smaller sized scrapbooks that I need to deal with.
  • I boxed a majority of my old planners up ( I need to get information from a few of them).


  • Been through the kitchen and placed all the miss matched plates in a box and only using one set.
  • All the appliances are now in one spot and not in three or four separate ones.
  • Seasonal items and decorations are kept in storage containers and sorted by holiday. I still want to cull some of the decorations.


  • I have sentimental sorted out and have systems in place for that. Photos go in black accordion file box’s according to who / family. Family history stuff is now all kept together. And anything we deem important from a family member is kept in the same room as the books and photos.

I’m not filling cupboards for the sake of having something in them this time.

We live in a huge house and for the first time have a bit of storage space but I want to use those spaces right.

Until a few days ago the front linen cupboard was filled with sheets and cushions now it holds brooms / Dyson / baskets for shoes. These items have floated around the house with no home.

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