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Cleaning up: Handbag

When we have been cleaning up I have been saying to Angel if it’s something of mine throw it in my handbag 👜 I’ve just tipped everything out. OMG 😮

1: why so many sunglasses. 👁ronicly this isn’t all of them that I own.

2: lipsticks (I don’t wear it) 2 + 3 lip balms + a combined lipstick/lip balm cleaning up I found another lipstick 💄

3: puffers 3 think most of them are almost empty

4: earphones. Actually should be 4 sets not two.

5: 4 purfumes

6: some camera stuff

7: a bottle opener

8: a fidget cube.

9: 7 assorted things for allergies

10: random crap – Bongella, aspirin, impulse, bandaids, hand sanitizer, eye serum. hair brush. A single earring. And old Fitbit charger.

Oh and my purse.

Beauty stuff has gone back into my Pandora clutch.

Other two bags have been removed

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