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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Firsts

I love getting these stories down, these little gems for future generations.

2017 I did the 52 stories from Family Search I didn’t complete these but still have the prompts in my drafts folder to go back too.

2018 I did the first year of 52 Ancestors, not fantastic but I did complete the full year, some I may go back and add to them because I didn’t feel like they were completed, others I put a lot of work and effort into, and I am so pleased with how they turned out.

2018 I also started a 52 Memories photo based prompt of my own, where I came up with the weeks where I had to find photos to fit the prompt, I have been doing that on and off. I do have weeks I need to go back too.

Week 1: First
Who was the first ancestor you found who you didn’t personally know? Who was the first ancestor to arrive in the country? Who was the first child in one of your ancestral families? First to go to college? First husband out of a string of many?

In the Beginning……

Norman Allan Larke & Edith Barbara

Daughters – Carol, Suzanne, Jennifer

Grandchildren: way too many to mention here 😊 but of which I am one.

My Grandparents

Norman 1931 – 1961

Edith 1932 – 1966

Your 3 Girls you would be so proud of,

Two now passed away.

Gone way before your time and mine,

They carry on your legacy with love

You never got to meet any of your grandchildren,

There are a few of us who carry your DNA,

I often wonder what you were like,

Did I take after you in anyway

* I can see so many of your great grandchildren in this photo. The resemblances are uncanny.

We walk in your shadow,

We have your characteristic’s,

But not one of us met you,

Because you passed away in 1961 and 1966

I never got to hear your stories,

I long to know your dreams,

I didn’t know you at all,

You were gone way before your time it seems

I never knew you,

I always wish I did,

I don’t have a name for you ,

Like my Dad’s Parents did

I still don’t know what to call you,

Gran and grandad,

Grandma and Grandpa, Norman & Barbara,

The grandparents that I never had

Missing you now

Even though we never met,

A small poem is all I have to offer,

Missing you always,

With love your Granddaughter

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