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Simplify: Goals

As part of my simplifying life, I found this idea on YouTube. it was set up different to how I have done it but I wanted to include things I want to do this year. Nothing specific or spectacular, just simple things.

  • 50 Family Photos: 2018 I took well over 100 so not a difficult task.
  • 40 Layouts: I think I did 20 in my Heidi swapp storyline, but want to concentrate on my family history this year.
  • 30 TV Shows. Pretty easy once you start putting in series.
  • 20 Movies: I’m not a big movie watcher these days but would like to schedule in some family movie nights.
  • 10 books: I used to read and read but now not so much. I got a kindle last year for myself and I have read a couple of books.
  • 5 places: I didn’t get out much last year probably why I’m stir crazy now so want to at least go somewhere.
  • 1 concert: I can’t remember who I last saw. Thinking jimmy in 2011 but maybe a couple of things in Tasmania that had to do with Bighart / Project O / runcible etc.

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