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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 52

Week 52: Resolution
It’s the time of year when many people look ahead and make resolutions. Is there an ancestor you plan to concentrate on researching next year? (Maybe that brick wall ancestor?) Maybe you want to write about an ancestor who embodies being "resolute" (defined as "admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.")

What a Blessing and wonderful project this has been, still so much to find out.

52 weeks of family stories in the vault.

52 weeks of memories.

52 weeks of learning new things about my Ancestry.

52 weeks of taking down notes, a few cemetery and out of town visits.

52 weeks on the horizon.

52 weeks to learn about grandparents and great grandparents and beyond.

52 weeks of researching and learning.

52 weeks of discovery.

I would like to (might add the questions to my Facebook to see if family will take part).


Know as much as I can about my Grandparent’s – The Larke’s (Mum’s Mum & Dad).

My Grandmother’s side of the family – The Stephenson’s. (Dad’s Mother).

Get more info down on all of Jack’s Family – Kroonenburg’s & Anderson’s


Take and gather more photos to add to the books.

Work on photos of people that I don’t know who they are (The Unidentified Project).


Re-organise Scrapbooks (I changed my study around yesterday and put all of my scrapbooks together, I just need to go through and put the correct families into the correct books, and add older layouts into the correct books).


Buy more of my great Uncle’s books

Find out if any other relative has written a book.

Get done:

Continue writing my other books when I can work out word and pages together.

Get another book written

Work on our family books (my plan for New Year’s eve).

Fill out all of those books and albums I have been buying.

Work on mine and Jacks our story book and add photos. (it’s our 20th Wedding Anniversary in 2021) so I want to have as much as I can in it.

Get my Birth Certificate

Get family Birth, Death and Marriage certificates.

Print out more information from Ancestry

Update Family Tree Maker

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