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LBD: Tips and Advice on setting your planner up

I am on a the Leanne Baker Daily Community page, and a few people have asked about how to use the planner.. I have made a couple of comments recently. Not in order of posting but made into a handy list for future reference.

Before finding the LBD a couple of years ago (next year is my 3rd year of using it), I would always try and find family diaries like Kikki K etc. 2019 Will be my first year of not buying one now the weekly is out.

Most of these tips I will be using in the weekly which will be our home planner, I will also be using two other LBD planners – the weekly for fitness and a daily for blogging / courses / family history.

In the weekly they will have their own section (Morning = Me / Home / Birthdays / Bills due. Afternoon = Husband / Work etc. Evening = Daughter / Work etc).

These would be my top tips.

Write everything down.

What’s the meme where it says I always tell myself I will remember that, and then you go to put things In your planner and you forget)…

Include things like

  • Birthday’s
  • Anniversaries
  • Bills due
  • Insurances
  • Licences
  • Health and Medical like appts
  • Female check-ups
  • Medications taken regularly
  • School terms and holidays
  • Work leave if you know in advance.
  • Note down things like rent inspections
  • Public holidays
  • School / Uni terms (Angel’s not at school anymore, and Jack’s taking time off from Uni until the middle of next year)

Set me up Sunday

Spend some time on a Sunday adding things in for the following week.

  • Write out your Meal Plan for the following week.
  • Make a small note at start of the month to get cards or gifts for birthdays, and then a week before event.
  • Any bills that are due or have been paid in advance


  • Work Shifts: Once or twice a week I get my Husband & Daughter to let me know what their shifts are for the following week and I add them to my planner.

Family things

  • Two of mine are photo related – “take a family photo” each month & a “weekly selfie” with my husband or daughter).
  • Family Movie Night (Write a list of movies you would like to watch in notes and ideas).
  • Family Games Nights
  • Family Days out – show days, parties etc
  • Date night (Jack and I have Wine and Cheese and watch a Movie) (I need to also include 12 date night ideas)
  • Sports days if kids do them
  • School related things (Angel’s not at school anymore, but in past years her school and after school plans took up a lot of space in my planner)

Things to do around the house.

  • Cleaning the oven,
  • Replacing pillows,
  • Hot water bottles,
  • Flip mattress.
  • Create a family fire plan
  • Top up first aid kits
  • Deep clean rooms
  • Declutter
  • Worming the Pets / Vet Check-ups etc

Workouts / Gym days etc.

  • I have done a lot of fitness plans like 28 / TiffXO / MB12 and they all so to schedule time in your planner for working out.

Meal Planning Ideas

  • a great tip is to take note of your family’s favourite meals in the note section,

List of three

  • A list of three can be the three highest priorities you have for the week (In the weekly they are all on the same page now, so that’s 21 things you can tick off your list).
  • They can be what you are grateful for

Self Care

  • Pinterest is great for finding ideas for selfcare


Add a check planner reminder on your phone (Mine is in the Home Routines app).

and the best tip to use it is to always have it close by on your bench, table, desk, handbag. I will leave it on one of our benches which I am planning on turning into a command centre.

Notes and Ideas

I will be using my notes for various things like

  • One Little Word
  • Self-care ideas,
  • 30 minimalism Challenges
  • Leanne’s decluttering challenge (from her calendar),
  • 2019 bucket list,
  • Book list,
  • TV / Movie watch list,
  • Meal planning ideas – Meal Planning,
  • Future events – a reminder of events for 2020 (I did that in the 2018 one and it really made filling out the 2019 one so much easier, but having it more organised would be so much easier the following year).
  • Write a list of child’s name age and size for choosing gifts and take notes through the year of what suggestions your child has made in regards to things they want for birthday or xmas.


  • I use lots of stickers and stamps in my planners, as a more visual reminder but using different coloured pens is also great.
  • Giving each family member a specific colour

Post your note

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