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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 48 and December prompts

Week 48: Next to Last
There are several ways you could approach this theme. Who was the next-to-last ancestor you found? If you print out an ancestor chart, who is the next-to-last person listed? Pick an ancestral family and write about the next-to-last child. Since November is the next-to-last month, maybe feature an ancestor born in November.

When this prompt came out it was a few days after my Grandfather Bob’s Birthday.

  • Robert Green
  • Born in 1921 England
  • Came to Australia in 1926 on the P&O Ship Beltania, with his parents and two older sisters (His younger brother Cliff was born in 1934, he has gone on to become a Teacher and screenwriter in Australia).
  • Served In World War 2 in 1945
  • Married Lil Stephenson 1948
  • Three Children – Cliff 1950 / Richard 1953 Died 2011 / Margaret 1960
  • Was a trained Sheet Metal Worker
  • Worked at H.V Mckay in Sunshine as did his Father Aubrey.
  • He was a Fettler for the Emu Bay Railway in Tasmania (my husband Jack worked at the same yard but now called TasRail)
  • Was once on a Melbourne Radio Show (late 1982 / early 1983) singing Love Letters In the Sand
  • He was in the Birdman Rally for Moomba with a flying machine he made himself.
  • He passed away at home In August 1983
  • He was buried in Melbourne Victoria, but my Dad had his Ashes taken out and taken to Western Australia.

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