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Pandora Jewellery Box

So I shared recently I was getting the Large Jewellery box from pandora well I have had it a few weeks now. I went through my Jewellery boxes and only took out the special pieces

These photos i took a few weeks ago.

I have only been collecting for about three years. 
i was going to keep my main rings in here but decided against it. The top tray will only be for Pandora. (apart from the four charms at the bottom)
Bottom tray – crystal, rocks,, bracelets & rings. cleaning cloths, a jewel box (From Jack for an Anniversary) of assorted charms, Bags – one has my uberkate necklace, other charm bracelets, and white one bits and pieces.  
Love the drawers in this. When i was looking Online there really hasn’t been any photos to show the drawer set up. So hopefully this is helpful to someone. 
bling. i love my pretties. 

These are from tonight

I ordered this bracelet last year and its way too small. so i though i would add the charms that are too bulky or catch on things to this (they also don’t fit into the charm section of the box)
i really need more earrings. 
Top are all pandora. Bottom ones are from prouds (i have had them for years)
a clasp opener i got in the cleaning kit. and a bracelet (one of my first pieces)
lots more bracelets to be added. (same bracelets as an earlier photo but have taken charms off).
non pandora or as i like to call it my Family Section. these are special pieces from my parents, Jack, Angel. Grandmother. watch from my 21st from dad a couple of family necklaces, 
Nikki Lissoni Jewellery (i collected this before Pandora) (one of my bracelets is missing :()
Necklace from Harry Potter Shop. Also went upstairs a little while ago and found the necklace that i got when i left work. (sadly i lost the bracelet at my Dad’s funeral).
An odd mix of things – A ribbon from my Mum’s Funeral, a bracelet i had engraved with the words my mum wrote for my 21st.  My Grandmothers funeral notices, i think the locket was from my nan as well. Two angels i got for Angel. A Phar Lap pin. An old pair of earrings that came from a haul i got off ebay years ago.  
My grandmother went to the Northern Territory in i think 1980 and bought these back for me. 
CHARM BRACELETS – I have collected these over many years a long time before my Pandora Obsession.  An avon charm bracelet. two padlock bracelets (i used to wear these all of the time). heart one i got a couple of years ago from on hardtofind. the empty bracelet i bought in 1990, it was one of the first things i bought when i moved out on my own. it used to be full of cheap charms but i removed them all, and the plan was to fill it up with favourite charms i have been given over the years.. next bracelet is from broome in 2011. and the top one is from New Zealand in 2009
As you can see its not full but it’s more organised. i would really love a second one for the non Pandora Jewellery but that is a next year thing. 
my “Pretend” pandora bracelets. one from the Harry Potter shop in Melbourne. A bracelet Jack Bought me, he actually bought me a different one and i exchanged it for this one. My butterfly from Undercoverwear. My mum, sister and i all had the necklace to represent my nephew.  The leaf cuff bangle and ring i got from Jack a couple of Christmas ago. cost a fortune and i wanted them so bad, but never wear them… 

Random pieces. A crystal from my Athame, a wine charm from new norcia wa, a believe rock from Hobart and one from a friend.

This is just one box of Jewelry, I have been upstairs tonight looking for other pieces and they must still be packed as are my Camera Bags (we have been here since June, its almost December, here is me thinking these things have been in the Walk in Robe, um nope.. )… 

My next job is to sort out the large white Jewellery Mirror and put all of my older / spare stuff into that.. instead of having things in multiple spots i am putting all of the bags, beauty stuff, jewellery in the one spot. 

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