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Getting my life organised: Jewellery

In an attempt to get my life on track and organised in some way I am doing little bits and pieces at a time.

One thing that BUGS me is how disorganised my Jewellery is.

I have the big Jewellery organiser with Mirror and they are fantastic I just have way too much stuff and it’s full.

I also have boxes, containers, hangers and more.

In the past few years I have been collecting Pandora and the non-genuine stuff before that. I have amassed a small collection. Last year at Christmas time they had the large Jewellery box out, a slightly different style to this one but I missed out on getting one.

I have just ordered this. So in a week or so I will be able to at least organise what I have.

The top will be for Pandora. Not sure if the drawers are divided in anyway I can’t find photos. But I am thinking of using it for my other pieces of Jewellery. I keep a lot of my more expensive pieces in their boxes, meaning I don’t wear them. I also want to sort through the older stuff that Jack has given me and that I got from my parents / grandma as it really needs to be looked after better.

Overtime I have given Angel some of the cheaper stuff but she doesn’t really wear Jewellery. But this might give me a chance to get rid of the stuff I am not that keen on anymore.

I will also make me clear off my bedside table. (Reminder to self – buy a new photo frame for our wedding photo).

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