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Getting Organized for Christmas

img_1263I have been thinking a lot about the foods I want to cook over the Christmas season, and have looked at many hours of Pinterest, saved items on my Facebook feed, Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Book, Nigella, Donna Hay, Martha Stewart etc, and then as I was working on the Planner I am working on it hit me why don’t I just cook the Family recipes that I have added into our “My Family Cookbook”, that way I can take photos to add to it, and perhaps even make a couple of book copies as well. Like a Christmas edition of the book, lol.


Christmas Recipes we love

Ideas on what to cook this December, Found in the family cookbook

  • Pastizzies
  • Rum balls
  • Malty buttons
  • Rick’s damn good egg & bacon pie
  • Aunty Heathers never fail sponge
  • Aj’s mini quiche
  • Flavoured butters
  • Angel’s hell yeah pasta
  • Grandma’s apple slice
  • Nic’s sweet pumpkin soup
  • Mum’s sausage rolls
  • Potato bake
  • Nut’s & bolts
  • French onion dip
  • Creamy baked cauliflower
  • Chocolate cherry slice
  • Apricot chicken
  • Lemonade scones
  • Butter chicken
  • Self saucing pudding
  • Beltane bliss balls / bliss balls
  • Bill granger fruit bread
  • Pancakes Pavlova
  • Apple cider
  • Baileys
  • Iced coffee
  • Log cake
  • Chocolate reindeers
  • Little puddings
  • Banana salad
  • White chocolate & Crasin fudge
  • Croissant crowns
  • Jewelled biscuits
  • Coconut macaroons
  • Doily cookies
  • 4 ingredients xmas cake
  • Ginger beer cake
  • Jacks homemade doughnut balls
  • Slow cooked apple & raisin porridge
  • Homemade crumpets
  • Lemon bliss balls
  • White Christmas
  • Gingerbread
  • Turkish delight balls
  • Five cup cherry slice
  • Cherry ripe balls
  • Grandma’s trifle
  • Warm lamb pumpkin salad
  • Slow cooker bacon garlic pork loin
  • Garlic chicken lemon
  • Broken potato salad
  • Steak and walnut salad with pesto
  • Butterflied cherry chicken
  • Apple cider lamb chops
  • Bbq leg of lamb
  • Chicken skillet with bacon and white wine sauce

As you can see I have already gathered quite a few and that’s not all of them.


Jack has been batch cooking this week and he was looking for recipes in my Mum’s old Women’s Weekly Cookbook (I am not sure what the occasion was for her to receive the book, she got engaged in December 1969, She received it from her Grandmother and Uncle in 1970, and married in Feb 1971, so it could have been for a kitchen tea or birthday, how special to find that little gem), well some hand written recipes fell out of it (I never looked in the cookbook, because she had bought me my own copy when I turned 21, and it’s not a cookbook I reach for). So I have added them to the Family Cookbook. (it has me wondering now what other little treasures are hidden in our old cookbooks) (And I have A LOT of them).


So my plan is to do several for christmas day, but perhaps one a day leading up to christmas day as part of our meal plan, we are having a family cookie exchange as well so i will include that and any other festivities.

Until next post


Reminder to self

– Get Jack to sort the pantry shelves out, as the books might be a tad heavy for the shelf

– Do an inventory of all of our cookbooks

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