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Funny how things happen

Just going through my Timehop to find that two years ago today, we were looking at building a new house in Tasmania . We even secured a block of land a few months later.

Now we live in Melbourne coming up to our second Christmas here. I still dream of that perfect one day house. With all the right storage, and the perfect amount of space. Not that I don’t love where we are now I do, just feel closed in at times with all of the houses going up around us.

And my style has changed so what I liked then isn’t what I like now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m white storage and a lot of it all the way. I always wanted a Buttler Pantry and walk in pantry and I have them where we are now, but things are so disorganised. Story of my life!!! We currently have Christmas stuff every where, my brain is in overdrive and I’m to sick to sort it out.

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