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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 42

Week 42: Conflict

Although we like to share the good and positive stories of our ancestors, that isn’t always a completely accurate portrayal of them. Our ancestors were human, which means that there’s likely some kind of conflict in their lives.

A word about writing about conflict: This is not meant to be an exercise in “payback,” nor should you share any more than you feel comfortable. (And if you’re thinking about writing about living people, I would advise you not to. At least, don’t write it publicly.). Also, conflict doesn’t have to be a big fight that ends up fracturing the family. It could be something small like siblings fighting over who gets what bedroom in the new house. It could be a conflict that’s hinted at in the records. (Like the will I saw that said if any of the children contests the will, they are to be cut out and receive nothing. I wish I knew the story behind that!).

There are other ways you could interpret this theme. What will you come up with?

I have really struggled with this prompt. Every family has it’s up & downs, problems and estrangements.

In regards to family no longer with us I am sure that the same may have / could have / would have occurred, though I am unaware of the details, and really it isn’t my place to say anything anyway.

I know for myself I have lost family members over time, and wish that we were still in contact but due to circumstances it’s not possible at this time.


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