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Set me up sunday


Monday Lamb and Pumpkin Salad. (MB12WBT) This is my all time favourite meal, we had a lamb roast on sunday so this was the left over meat.
Tuesday Take Away – Indian
Wednesday Steak and Chips
Thursday Pumpkin Soup – This is pretty my my second favourite Meal.
Friday Bacon & egg Pasta Salad (Taste)
Saturday Chicken Tagine (Taste)
Sunday Take Away

Zones & Decluttering


Zone 1

Zone 2

Declutter / Sort

Monday Entry Study – Clean bookcases Entry area
Tuesday Lounge Dining Family Games Christmas Stuff
Wednesday Kitchen Pantry / Butlers Laundry Cupboards
Thursday Master Angel
Friday Bathrooms Any extra rooms
Saturday Outside Garage
Sunday Set Me Up Sunday Meal Plan Planner

On the Agenda

Date  Event
October Jacks on Leave
Until Next Sunday Have a Fantastic week

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