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Your bucket list: Update

Your bucket list.

I did this earlier in the year, i was just looking for something else for another post and came across it so thought i would see if i was able to tick anything off.

Together Lets:

DONE: Make memories ✔, Make a couples bucket list ✔, Start a new tradition ✔, Bake a cake ✔, Take a bubble bath ✔, Have wine and cheese by candlelight ✔, Dance around the house ✔, Have a Game night ✔, Go on an adventure ✔, Have Breakfast for dinner ✔, Take a nap ✔, Fall asleep holding hands ✔. TO DO: Plan a trip, Create a playlist, Go to an outdoor movie, Go to a medieval festival, Share a milkshake together, Go to a book fair, Take a TV show tour, Snuggle by the fire, Go out to dinner and then stay in a hotel, Camp out in the living room, Make a photo book, Watch a Jazz Concert, Create a Spell together, Make a relationship time capsule, Have a Movie Marathon, Renew Vows, Go to the beach for a sunset picnic



  1. Visit childhood home ✔
  2. Design Website/Blog ✔
  3. Rewatch Picnic at Hanging Rock (Watched the new version) ✔
  4. Go to Hanging rock (We did but it was closed) ✔
  5. Get another pet (We got Asher about a week after i wrote this) ✔
  6. Walk 5kms ✔
  7. Make Cookies ✔
  8. Go to the beach ✔
  9. colour in (In December i started using a colour by numbers app, ADDICTED!) ✔
  10. Write a Cookbook (I have started this) ✔
  11. Write letters ✔
  12. Go to the Art Gallery ✔
  13. Hug Someone ✔
  14. Unplug for the day ✔
  15. Bake a cake ✔
  16. Find the meaning of my name ✔
  17. Go to the Melbourne Museum ✔
  18. Write a love letter ✔
  19. Surprise someone
  20. See Cold Chisel again
  21. Read the book
  22. Dye hair a crazy colour
  23. Have a Dinner Party
  24. Start a Wine Collection. (Does 1 1/2 bottles count)
  25. Go to the Theatre
  26. Go to a festival
  27. Make cheese
  28. Make a Family Logo
  29. Do a no spend month
  30. Go on a shopping spree (We bought close to $1000 in Lemax / Christmas Villages)
  31. Make a fruit pie
  32. Stick a love note on the Bathroom Mirror
  33. Take a cooking class
  34. Feed a Koala
  35. Make a Snowman
  36. Buy a little black dress
  37. Go to a concert
  38. Get my palm read.
  39. Make a Handmade gift
  40. Hug a Tree
  41. Go to Sydney
  42. Go to in a Hot Air Balloon
  43. Go to New York
  44. Go to the zoo
  45. Go to Paris
  46. Go to Budapest
  47. Go to London
  48. Read a New York Best Seller
  49. Bet on a horse
  50. Break Bread
  51. Go out for a Birthday Dinner
  52. Watch the Sunrise & Sunset on the same day
  53. Ask my spouse “20 Questions”
  54. Make a will
  55. Go to a wine tasting
  56. Change something in my life
  57. Go to a Gallery Opening
  58. Have a white christmas
  59. Stay at a resort
  60. Plant a Tree
  61. Write a song
  62. Build Dream Home
  63. Go to High Tea
  64. Own Tiffany & Co Jewellery
  65. Make own Business Cards
  66. Start a new Instagram Account
  67. Collect Something New
  68. Meet someone famous
  69. List ten things i’m Grateful for
  70. Read the book then see the movie
  71. Donate clothes
  72. Attend a film premiere
  73. Go on a retreat
  74. Go to New Zealand again
  75. Order room service
  76. Go to the pride parade
  77. Swim in the ocean
  78. Drink champagne
  79. See a musical in New York
  80. Go to a wax museum
  81. Do the hollywood walk of fame
  82. Go to the Sydney Opera house
  83. Meet Oprah
  84. See a basketball game
  85. Go to hogwarts
  86. Cook a 3 course meal
  87. Go in a limo
  88. Ride in a horse and carriage
  89. Go to a castle
  90. See the hollywood sign
  91. Visit all australian states
  92. Meet a celebrity chef
  93. Go to Comic Con / Supernova
  94. Go to the Butterfly sanctuary
  95. See a taping of Ellen
  96. Stay in a B&B
  97. Go to a book signing
  98. Create latte art
  99. Buy a tiara
  100. Spend New Years Eve in New York


Fall in love with Jack every day ✔. Work on the Family Tree ✔. Continue writing book ✔. Go on a Date Night ✔. Read More. Get a Tattoo. Watch ten IMDB Movies. Have breakfast in bed. Buy Art. Have a Weekend away

2018 Bucket List

Start a Bullet Journal ✔. Travel somewhere random ✔. Drink Wine ✔. work on my story ✔. create ✔ . Make Pizza ✔. Organise a family portrait. do a colour run. make a childhood recipie. Get a picture booth photo done. learn to draw. make art. kiss in the rain. go on another cruise. do couch to 5k. Go to the Ballet. Name a Star. Go to the Movies. Do Yoga. Do charity work

Prompt Via the girl who loved to write

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