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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 41

Week 41: Sports
Any athletes in the family tree? How about any big sports fans? This is the week to write about them!

0035 2

0035 2

I opened this prompt up just now and thought to myself, how the heck am I going to do this one, and bam, it smacks me in the face. (it is the more recent generations that I know of though).

I played basketball once (was useless at it), I also was in a swim meet where I almost drowned and the school principal had to rescue me. When I was really young my sister and I did calisthenics, and we also did little athletics. I am not the sporty one in the family. Jack has played rugby from a young age, he doesn’t any more. He has done other sports throughout his life as well. Angel did Gymnastics, dance classes, rock climbing, running club and she has done the colour run, the 5k Burnie 10 and 321go.

My grandfather did the Birdman Rally in the early 80’s. My Uncle raced Horses (he always wanted me to be a jockey), My Dad drove race cars (Stock Cars, Sprint Cars, ¼ Midgets) and he played soccer when he was a lot younger. And my Aunt Played Darts.

My brother Races cars & he coaches Football & Basketball. (He and my sister played t-ball and softball) and their boys play football, My sister in law coaches as well. She has and does play many sports, My niece also is into sport.

When it comes to big sports fans, my mum and aunty where/are huge football supporters. We used to worry about them going because both had/have health issues. Check out the Football post I did the other week. My Aunt was only saying yesterday that my Grandmother Supported Fitzroy Football club. Auntie Dulcie South Melbourne, and Grandma Collingwood.

I support the Perth Wildcats basketball team, most of the time I am bitching about how crap football is, it’s become a sport in itself. 😊…

I have asked on Facebook so I may be able to add to this post at a later date.


Photos: 1 My grandfather in the Birdman Rally 2. My Dad, Brother and Family Friend with the 1/4 Midget, 3/4/5 Dad racing


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