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Let’s get Stamped

Digital Scrapbook Paper

Above stamps are for online marketing, but i really liked the laptop & phone, and also the social media ones, Thought i could use them for the blog


I am still trying to organise myself for next years LBD planners. So whilst i am waiting on those and the stickers i have ordered some more stamps.

I love love love stickers don’t get me wrong, but after using the MAMBI ones this year in my LBD, the planner just becomes so bulky.

Planning Stamps





These (Appointment / Planning ) i think i will end up with a lot of. But they will always be used especially if they are in different fonts.

Cleaning / Around the House Stamps


One of the things i love about the new weekly LBD is the Zones, and when i found these Zone Cleaning stamps from washigang today, i was sold straight away. Yes i will have several that say the same thing, but with icons and different fonts and seriously how adorable is that messy one stamp.

TV & Travel Stamps

One of the things i love adding to my planner is the shows i am currently watching, binging on, and short of spending a fortune on stickers for all of the streaming services and shows (yes i do have little roses in my current planner for the Bachelor each week, and little TV icons spread throughout the planner)

Travel stamps, not planning on going anywhere, but the little train was so cute, i thought i could use it for Jack for work. There is a Lawn Fawn travel one i am tempted to buy too.

Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner Stamps


I have loved using the Mambi stickers but like i said way too bulky, so these are going to be great, I have loved using the bill pay one this year as well as the dinner and fitness.

Others i already have are below…


I may have a stamp addiction..


This is a set of drawers i bought at the beginning of the year for my craft room,

Top drawer is for the Ali Edwards kits i have collected over the years.

drawer 2-4 is for stamping (as pictured above) (that stack of stamps are the ones in the drawer, with more coming and more in a box somewhere).

the bottom two have project life cards in them.

stamps bought from


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