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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 39

Week 39: On the Farm
Many of us (myself included) have farmers in our family tree. (This week might be a week that you have a hard time choosing because so many ancestors fit the theme!) Have you found one on the agricultural census or maybe on a plat map or tithe map? Have you ever visited the land where an ancestor’s farm was?

Dad’s Side of the Family:

  • In the late 1970’s my Dad worked on a Farm in Beacon, Western Australia and then in the 1990’s worked / Lived on one in Pithara WA.
  • His Brother Cliff owned a Sheep farm in the 1970’s/80’s in Mount Barker WA. He also had a property in Muchea WA Where he had Horses.
  • And from memory I think their Aunty Peggy and Uncle Bert owned a Farm somewhere in Victoria.

Mum’s Side of the Family

  • I have just gone history hunting because I recall that my Mother side of the family had a winery in Kingower Victoria, it looks like the winery closed a few years ago. In looking at it further it’s not all that far from my Dad’s Aunt and Uncle property that I mentioned above. Both are not far out of Bendigo, Victoria. From reading some of the articles from that area The Family Farm in Kingower is where a large gold nugget was found in 1857.
  • I also think my Aunt Jenni and Uncle John lived on a farm in the 80’s. He was a horsebreaker.



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