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Gift Guide for Mum

It’s almost that time of year again, this big and little things that i have been looking at through the year. Yes also some great gift giving ideas for others.

Over $300 Gifts


  • the number one thing on my list right now is a new Apple watch, my fitbit versa died and i have been without a watch since then. 
  • On the pricier side, I have been looking for another camera bag for a while (my other one is just too bulky), and this one has been on the wish list. $379.00 from
  • An Olympus Mark 3 is also on the list but doubt that would ever happen, i can keep dreaming, although i have the lenses and probably only need the body.
  • A new macbook. after my Pro and then Air both died i went for a few months without a laptop and then got a HP, it drives me bonkers, i am without a doubt an apple girl, and using windows is so frustrating.
  • Iphone Xs Max…………………….. I wish…. (Got in November)
  • Amazon Echo Spot /  Apple HomePod: Either one would be great.

Over $150



  • I have one of these on order, looking forward to getting back into reading again. But i think it would make a great gift for any avid book lover. (a gift card for some books for it is also a great idea). Though i have discovered if you have Prime you can get the books free on it. (Got)


Gifts over $100


  • This has been on my wishlist for around a year now, and keeps coming up, so think that i will have to put in a request for a bottle. $110 from Tiffany & Co, Myer / David Jones etc
  • A ring or Bracelet in one of those little blue boxes would be nice too 🙂

Gifts under $100

  • Pandora.

I have a large pandora list and it grows weekly. Jack bought me a ring last week for our anniversary, but i have so many others, plus some charms, bracelets etc, so i have been thinking about getting the Stacking Tray, hopefully they bring the Jewel Box back. (Brought the large jewellery box for myself)

I am hoping to make a Family Bracelet i have two charms for it so far (Family, Daughter, ), and my eye on three more that represent my parents and grandmother (got two of the free christmas bracelets and another bracelet (have 8 all up now)).

I currently wear my christmas one with snowflake charm, so another or a couple more christmas charms would be great. I also wear my love bracelet with padlock, pandora, camera (one of my fave’s), spacer, i love you charms, i took the house charm off because it keeps catching on things, which is why i am needing the tray. (remade the christmas one)

In regards to charms i will probably stay away from the dangly type ones as they tend to catch on things.

Bracelet 1: $99 Bracelet 2: $75 Jewell tray $49


  1. A trip to kmart with an unlimited budget (but with Afterpay coming i will probably own the whole shop before December). Afterpay and Kmart is life. though i have only done one order
  2. A weekend away.. But we have pets, so not easy to do.
  3. Gift cards – ITunes, Myer, Target etc
  4. A pamper pack.
  5. Heidi Swap Storyline Album, Kits & photos.
  6. Stendig Calendar. (this is on my 2019 List)
  7. More Posh Designs Stickers to go with my Three Leanne Baker Daily Planners
  8. Money…..


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