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LBD: Home / Family Planner

Time to Planner

This is part 2 in my series of three of planning

I have ordered 3 Leanne Baker Daily Planners for next year.

What an average week looks like.

  • Work hours, Birthdays / Anniversaries,  What’s for dinner, Afterpay payments Due,  Bills Due, Shopping Deliveries,

Health / Fitness etc with go into the fitness Planner

Blogging / Photo Projects / Family History / Crafts etc will all go into the blogging planner


2019 Priorities

Goals i would like to achieve as a family. Events for the year. Milestones.


Monthly Calendar

Pay Dates. Holidays. Birthdays. Anniversaries.


The Week Ahead

Self Care: List of 3: Weekly Meal Plan: I will use these as they are labeled.


Morning / Afternoon / Evening: Work hours. Birthdays. Appointments. 15 minute tidy. Zones. Bills due. Meal Planning. Set me up Sunday.


Zone Cleaning:

Goals: Self Care. Family / Relationships. health. Finance. Fun. Home. Other.

Notes pages: Ideas. Notes.



I will be using the posh designs stickers in this planner


I bought these recently. to use in the planner. I do have more planning stamps someone that i have collected.


  • Photos from Padtastic Website.
  • Taken by me.

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