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LBD: Blog Planning

Time to Planner

For a number of years now i have done a Time to planner post around this time of year. In past years i have purchased a various selection of planners and then not used them the following year. This time I have ordered 3 Leanne Baker Daily Planners for next year.

  • Weekly for Home / Family.
  • Weekly for Blogging
  • Daily for Fitness

Regular weekly Posts

First I need to work out what i do on my blog? These are posts that i have done and will continue with next year.

  • Monday: 52 Ancestors (this may change as i am unsure if it will continue or start with the same prompts again).
  • Tuesday: Coffee and chat (Fortnightly i may change to monthly).
  • Wednesday: 52 memories
  • Thursday:
  • Friday: Quote
  • Saturday: Storyline
  • Sunday: Set me up Sunday. Project Life

Monthly & Other regular posts.

Other regular posts.

Currently 12 on 12 FMS photo a day December Daily
Day in the life Week in the life Little letters The daily dime
Monthly family photo Collect photo Family events Holidays
Anniversaries 100 days of me Blog everyday in May / Sept Planning
Organising House tours

I was thinking of using the daily for blogging but after looking at it i don’t think it will work how i want it too.

Here’s how i would use the LBD Weekly Planner as a Blogging Planner


2019 Priorities

List projects / posts that i plan to do over the coming year, such as Anniversary / remember posts.

Use it for Project Life photo prompts.


Monthly Calendar

In previous years i have used this for FMS Photo a Day, but it’s not something that i regularly look at, So i would add those to the weekly page. I can schedule for regular posts – eg: Family History, Coffee & Chat etc. Birthday’s & Anniversaries


The Week Ahead

I am not sure how to use this section (Same as the Budget sections that are included). The three sections are. Self Care: List of 3: Weekly Meal Plan: I would like a family history section where i can jot notes down of the side of the family i am researching.


Morning / Blog Posts

Afternoon / Photo Projects

Evening /


Zone Cleaning:

Goals: Posts on Self Care. Family / Relationships. health. Finance. Fun. Home. Other.

Notes pages: Ideas. Notes.


I have these stamps from Neat and Tangled, so rather than bulk it up with stickers like my current planner i would use these.


  • Photos from Padtastic Website.
  • google.


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