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52 Memories: Father

My Dad, such a character and a real larrikin. These photos are just a snippet of what he was like.  Always the clown, always happy. Loved his racing cars. Hated cats, but loved dogs.  Bob Dylan was his music of choice.

PHOTO 1: Dad in the middle with his Sister Margaret and Brother Cliff.

PHOTO 2: With Cliff, and My Nan Lil.

PHOTO 3: Dad & Mum on their Engagement.

PHOTO 4: when we went to a Lilliput Village.

PHOTO 5: With My Sister

PHOTO 6: On his 50th

PHOTO 7: With my Stepmum Dee.

PHOTO 8: With My Brother and a Family friend and the 1/4 Midget..

PHOTO 9:  That last photo was taken two weeks before he passed away, we where at my sisters wedding and i was snapping away and he was being silly as usual and i took it, two weeks later he was gone, and it now holds such precious memories.

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