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Set me up Sunday

I have decided to take a break from the 28 Programe, .

Day Meal
Monday Butter Chicken (TM5)
Tuesday Steak & Pear (28 Book)
Wednesday Beef Stroganoff (TM5) / was on last weeks menu but didn’t end up having
Thursday Honey Lime Chicken & Mango Chutney (Tm5)
Friday Lamb Skewers (28 Book)
Saturday Mexican Tortillas (28 Book)
Sunday Lamb & Pumpkin salad (MB12WBT / Recipes for success)



No changes to Zones

Monday Front of House – Front Porch, Entry, Study
Tuesday Living, Dining, Family, Games
Wednesday Kitchen, Butlers, Walk in Pantry, Laundry
Thursday Bedrooms
Friday Bathrooms
Saturday Outside
Sunday Set me up Sunday – Meal Plan


Blog Posts

A few of these are already in the bag and scheduled (*S) to go.  Will work on the others on the day or the night before.

Day Blog Posts
Monday 52 Ancestors, 52 Family Photo (Included in Project Life Post)
Wednesday 52 Memories – wk 2 / Father (*S)
Thursday R U Ok Day

Quote of the Week (*S), Little Letters

Saturday Storyline (*S)

Set me up Sunday, Project Life

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