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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 36

Week 36: Work
The first Monday in September is Labor Day in the U.S. Examining your ancestor’s occupation is a great way to build context. (I have a post highlighting 3 sources that can help you learn more about his or her occupation.) Do you have an ancestor with an “unusual” occupation? Have you found records relating to any of your ancestors’ lines of work? Do you have photos of them at work?

No Long Weekend for us here in Australia, and I am thinking that I have done a similar prompt recently.

My Grandfather Robert Worked on the Emu Bay Railway as a Fettler, (The company ended up becoming TasRail where Jack worked in Tasmania), He was also a sheet Metal Worker and in WW2 worked at H.V Mckay on the Sunshine Harvester where his Father Aubrey also worked as a Draughtsman.

When speaking with my Aunt earlier this year I found out that her Dad / My Grandfather Norman worked at the Amy Base as a Carter / Labourer. I think my grandmother may have worked in a factory but I am unsure as to where or what.

My own father Richard was a Roof Tiler all his Life, My Brother Daniel has also taken up the same Occupation.

There is a story that Mum and Dad worked at the same place, I don’t know where though. Dad used to make Mum Paperclip Necklaces, and he would call her Maid Marion to his Robin Hood.

My Mum also worked in a Hospital, and as a School Cleaner. When Mum was younger she was a Mail Room Comptomitised at Wenzels Victoria. She also worked at Daryll Lee.

Both my Grandmother Lillian and Mother Carol worked as Cleaners in a Deaf School in the 1980’s. Lillian also took in Foster Children and Boarders, and worked for Mark Anthony Giftware in the 1980’s.

Jack worked in the Air Force, and has been a Train Driver since 2004 or 2006. I have worked as a cleaner in a hospital, Kitchen jobs and also various reception jobs. Our daughter works at KFC…

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