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1 Year On

A year ago today we hopped onto the Spirit of Tasmania on our way to a new life in Melbourne.

We moved into the place that Jack found and then found that it was falling down, alerted the owner to the problem and got given our notice and told that the house was to be sold (only to find that last week it has been re-rented out)!

Angel finished year 10, went to formal, and started year 121. had some issues with her. She got a Job at KFC.

Moved again further out of the city, to an amazing house, where we have had nothing but issues with water problems.

Angel left school, and her KFC Job, then had to wait to get transferred to another KFC, where she is slowly picking up shifts.

Jack’s either at work, asleep, or in-between the two..

Me, well i am still me.. It’s been a year and i have yet to catch up with anyone that lives here. i know i am really bad aren’t i..

We have been to the City a few times. (Jack all the time he works there). Travelled to Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, etc

Found some of the Family Graves, still many more to locate but that will come in time.

Hopefully we will get to explore some more this coming year..




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