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Self Care Sept.

I attempted to work out and use the Treadmill in August, but i am thinking i need small steps to get me to do things.

  1. Start a journal
  2. Read a chapter of a book
  3. Exercise
  4. A night without my phone
  5. Treat yourself to some new candles / or burn one that hasn’t been used yet. 
  6. Create something
  7. Buy some flowers
  8. Have a movie night
  9. Go for a walk
  10. A no plans day 
  11. Have a hot bath
  12. Wash hair
  13. Face mask or moisturiser. 
  14. Turn off phone
  15. Watch fave TV show
  16. Light a candle (have dinner by candlelight)
  17. Paint nails
  18. Colour in 
  19. Have favourite dessert
  20. Listen to fave songs
  21. Breathe
  22. Have a cup of tea
  23. Go to bed early
  24. Cloud watch
  25. Burn some oils
  26. Don’t forget your 8 glasses of water today 
  27. Meditate
  28. Try a 28 snack
  29. 30 second dance party
  30. Write a gratitude list in your journal 


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