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Chapter 8, 2018

This is a new thing that i think may replace my currently posts, which i have struggled writing this year, so this will only be a short chapter..

August had its moments I can tell you, it honestly has felt like it would never end, but all this time at home has meant that I now have posts scheduled until December (I know crazy right) and over 700 prompts in my drafts folder for the times when i’m not the least bit motivated to write at all.

I have scrapbooked / storylined 15 pages of memories. Which in itself is a miracle. I do however need to get photos printed that are a little more current.  Must put that on a list. frr

I have been making lots of lists of things that i want to do over the last 4 months of the year (and i will be sharing them as the months go on, on the first day of the month). This month it’s Self Care September, Then i have 31 Days of Halloween, (November in progress), 25 Days of December.







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