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August has Taught me that


  1. Not going out for over a month will mean you end up with way more photos of your cat than you thought possible.
  2. A small leak can cause a lot of damage (latest disaster in fixing it has been a burst water main).
  3. A small hole in a hot water bottle will spill cause the hot water to burn you
  4. I can’t eat pizza or any sort of sweet food anymore, my body just doesn’t like it…
  5. Not getting up off the couch every hour will mean that my steps for the end of this month sucked
  6. It also helps to wear your fitbit too (as i found this morning I walked around several times and sat down to see my fitbit on charge next to me).
  7. The ironicness of buying a budget planner isn’t lost on me.. since my money is zero at the moment.

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