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Set me up Sunday



Day Meal
Monday Simple Chicken Curry
Tuesday Bangers & Mash
Wednesday Clean Chicken Parmas
Thursday Beef Salad
Friday Satay Chicken
Saturday Lamb cutlets
Sunday Pork Roast



Zone’s really didn’t work last week, so back to square one. The water leak has been fixed, but plumber has left a mess in the bathroom. Turns out that the water pressure is too high and it wasn’t changed before we moved in. Using the bathroom tap meant that the seal on the tap snapped from the water pressure, which caused the leak to go over the end of the bath into a tile that is broken from the pressure and under the floor into the landing area outside the powder room and the bathroom, and also into the ceiling in the kitchen. The Carpet guy has put a large fan in the upstairs landing to dry out the carpet and will be back next week to replace the underlay and steam clean carpet. So in no hurry to clean the area up as it’s just going to get walked on.  

Day Zones
Monday Front of House – Front Porch, Entry, Study
Tuesday Living, Dining, Family, Games
Wednesday Kitchen, Butlers, Walk in Pantry, Laundry
Thursday Bedrooms
Friday Bathrooms
Saturday Outside
Sunday Set me up Sunday – Meal Plan


Blog Posts

Day Blog Posts
Monday 52 Ancestors, 52 Family Photo
Tuesday Coffee & Chat
Friday Quote of the Week, #currently, Monthly Family Photo
Saturday Storyline
Sunday Set me up Sunday, Project Life
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