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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 34

Week 34: Non-Population
The federal census that we use in the US is sometimes comprised of more than one schedule. The one that we usually use is called the “population schedule.” However, there are some censuses that have additional schedules, such as: – 1850-1880 Agricultural schedules / – 1850-1880 Industry and Manufactures schedules / – 1880 Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes / – 1890 Schedule of Union Veterans and Widows.
Have you found your ancestor on one of these schedules? What did you find?

Another way you could look at this theme is to write about something related to an ancestor, such as a church, school, or organization they were affiliated with.

As I am in Australia I am not sure what or if anything I would find on the above schedules. So I have gone with the organisation / church option.

My Great Grandmother Charlotte, was involved with the Salvation Army up until her death.

I recently discovered I had an old photo of the Salvation Army Hall

And here are two I took this year, the one with Angel in March and one in July.

Nanna Perry as I knew her,

In 2016 I think it was I was on Billion Graves and had someone send me a copy of where she was buried, in March / July I got to visit the Cemetery.

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